SNOO Smart Baby Sleeper Bassinet #1
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SNOO Smart Baby Sleeper Bassinet #1

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I was excited to try this with my first little baby girl​,​ we used from day one. It didn't mean she wasn't ever unsettled but it helped her sleep longer and me too. There was many a time the SNOO helped us have extra time for dinner ​/​ on the couch ​/​ sleeping. I loved the app and being able to control from wherever​,​ and also that I could see her sleep patterns over time and what needed to adjust or change in my schedule. We limited the motion so it never went to the highest level when she was smaller​,​ and later changed it as she got bigger. When you want to start weaning the baby to move into the cot you can also limit the motion. She grew too big for the SNOO and then it was time for the cot which she is loving now. My baby also preferred her hands up rather than down​,​ so I just used a larger swaddle and popped her in the Love to Dream inside the SNOO swaddle. Mattress fitted sheet (x2) is included and is made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex. Comes with swaddle Size Small (x2)​,​ Medium (x2) and Large (x2) and the extendable legs (good for babies with reflux). Doesn't come in the box​,​ it's quite heavy. You can use the app once you download and link your profile with the serial number on the bottom of the SNOO. Can deliver for a fee depending on where you are. I can provide a quote once you message me



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  • EA

    A fantastic service. Mary was great to deal with, flexible, understanding, clear communication and efficient. Worked so well for us.

    Ed AJanuary 2022

  • AV

    Mary was so easy to deal with, and very kind and helpful throughout the whole rental process. Thanks so much, Mary!

    Anna VFebruary 2021

  • JJ

    Easy to deal with

    Jessica JSeptember 2020

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