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SNOO is a responsive baby cot that boosts a baby’s sleep by combining gentle rocking with soothing white noise and snug​,​ safe swaddling. Created by Dr. Harvey Karp (The 5 S’s​,​ Happiest Baby on the Block)​,​ SNOO helps babies by imitating the calming sensations of the womb. What SNOO Does: ADDED SLEEP: Adds 1-2 hours of sleep per night with constant calming womb rhythms ADDED SAFETY: Secure swaddling prevents rolling to an unsafe position during sleep RESPONSIVE: Soothes upsets by responding with gradually more motion + sound MOBILE APP: Convenient controls​,​ daily sleep report and tips from Dr. Harvey Karp Created by renowned pediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp​,​ SNOO is a responsive cot that boosts sleep using rhythms that babies love! It also calms fussing quickly and prevents risky rolling. BENEFITS Adds 1-2 hours of sleep Often calms fussing in under 1 minute Naturally sleep trains​,​ no need to cry-it-out Only bed that prevents dangerous rolling Your smart helper​,​ like an extra pair of hands it soothes baby while you work​/​sleep MOBILE APP SNOO Sleep Log gives instant report of baby’s sleep—fun to share Lots of options: From gentle newborn mode to easy weaning Helpful alerts + advice from Dr. Karp RECOMMENDED USE From birth to 6 months (or when baby can get on hands and knees) Max. baby weight: 11.3 kg A syncing mobile app allows you to control settings to suit your baby and provides a daily sleep report. Included with SNOO: - 3 x SNOO swaddles to use ( small​,​ medium and large) - 2 x SNOO Bassinet Sheet * Can deliver for a fee depending on location * Pick up notes - the SNOO does not collapse (legs come off). You will need either a car with nothing on the back seat or a large boot. The measurements without legs are 48cm deep​,​ 90cm across and 35cm high Please don't hesitate to contact if you have any questions



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